Best Online Psychics: Top 8 Psychic Reading Websites Of 2023

In this day and age, you can easily turn to the internet for psychic readings. But the challenge you will face is deciding on which psychic reading site to use for it. This is because there are hundreds of sites that promise legit psychic reading, but most are out to scam you with low quality services.

Unfortunately, not everyone has the time to visit a psychic in person for a reading these days and not everyone lives close to popular psychics. If you find yourself in this situation, you definitely need to turn to online psychics instead. But the question is: of all the websites online, which do you turn to? Don’t worry; we’ll tell you.

Below, we review 8 of the best psychic reading sites you can turn to in 2023.

Overall Rating

  • Cheap services
  • Has a 5-minute free trial
  • Comprehensive blog with a variety of useful articles
  • Choose from dozens of filters

Our Ratings

Psychic Reading 99%
Love Readings 98%
Astrology 96%
Tarot 99%
Fortune Telling 98%

Mysticsense is a user-friendly website that offers trusted psychics whose readings span a short period of 5 minutes and not more. This website offers daily horoscope reading in different formats, and you can choose your preferred reading option. The option of choice makes it one of the best online psychic reader websites today.
The popular psychics on this platform don’t just perform readings out of the blue; rather, they do a detailed diagnosis of the client to ensure that the reading is accurate. They also offer a variety of different courses for free to supplement the sessions you undertake with them. This is why many have come to trust their services. You can learn new things about psychic mediums from their website for free, and you don’t have to open an account with them to access their articles.
This website offers overall quality through and through. As for their pricing, their rates are quite low, so you can afford them. Rates normally start from $10 per minute, but there are psychics on the platform who offer their services for less than that. If you want email psychic readings, you can get it at a flat rate. Users are presented with different options on how they want to receive their readings, and they are at liberty to pick the one that suits them. Moreover, you don’t just choose a psychic, but Mysticsense will share the best psychics for your preferred options, so you get a quality reading.
Visit Mysticsense website >>

Overall Rating

  • Accurate readings
  • Free 5 minute trial
  • Matching tool
  • A decent range of communication modes
  • A range of services

Our Ratings

Psychic Reading 97%
Love Readings 96%
Astrology 95%
Tarot 97%
Fortune Telling 96%

Looking for accurate psychics online? Psychic Source is where you’ll find them. This platform has been in existence for more than three decades, which is proof enough that it can be trusted.
Psychic Source offers different communication options to take your reading. They have a free five minutes trial for first timers and various reading services available. There is also a matching tool to help you find the best psychics for your tarot card readings, astrology, love advice, and more.
Cheap psychic reading services online are good for people who don’t live close to practicing psychics. Via online psychics platforms, you can get the same service quality as you enjoy with a one-on-one psychic. Psychic Source has more than 150 specialists skilled in offering different predictions regarding love, career, and family.
The free five minutes trial is only one of the perks you stand to enjoy when you join Psychic Source. For the first paid session you do, Psychic Source will offer you a reduced rate which is a great way to save money. Furthermore, the psychics on the platform are skilled in different divination methods such as astrology, angel cards, and crystals, so if you don’t want a tarot card reading, you can opt for the others. They also offer readings on Facebook.
Of all the top websites today, Psychic Source offers a slightly higher rate, but the good news is you get the value you pay for. Psychic Source >>

Overall Rating

  • Three free minutes for your first session
  • App available
  • Thousands of quality advisors
  • A wide range of services

Our Ratings

Psychic Reading 96%
Love Readings 97%
Astrology 96%
Tarot 97%
Fortune Telling 95%

We rate Kasamba as the best for all around psychic reading because they offer a wide range of services that only few websites offer. There are hundreds of advisors on the platform who offer support services to clients round the clock. You get a free three-minute session with a new advisor, and for your first session, you get a 50% discount. With 20 years of experience, Kasamba is one of the best reader for first time users.
Kasamba offers discounts to first time users of the platform, which enables them to decide whether they would like to continue with the platform. This free service testing also provides them with the opportunity to test the skill level of the psychic they are working with.
Another reason why Kasamba is rated as the best overall is because every expert on the platform has a profile page that allows you to review them even before you initiate contact. Moreover, all their experts offer accurate psychic reading. They only pick true psychics here who specialize in tarot card reading, horoscope, astrology psychic reading, and palmistry. With Kasamba, you are never out of options.
Visit Kasamba website >>

Overall Rating

  • Great love readings
  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • Free readings for newbies
  • You can sort psychics accordingly
  • Different types of communication methods

Our Ratings

Psychic Reading 96%
Love Readings 98%
Astrology 94%
Tarot 95%
Fortune Telling 93%

Keen is regarded by many as one of the best psychic reading websites. They offer newcomers a free psychic reading and what’s more? You even have the option of choosing the medium you want to work with. With over two decades of experience, Keen knows what users are keen for. There are more than 1700 legit psychics on the platform.
The larger number of advisors broadens your options; that is why you are never at a disadvantage when searching for a psychic to take your reading. They also have a psychic comparison table that grades psychics so users can identify the best ones to contact. No matter what your questions may be, there is a psychic on Keen that will have them answered.
On Keen, you can enjoy tarot readings, numerology, astrology, chakra cleansing, and love readings.

Overall Rating

  • Trained psychics who are good at phone readings
  • Functional website
  • Affordable psychics
  • Multiple communication options

Our Ratings

Psychic Reading 96%
Love Readings 97%
Astrology 96%
Tarot 97%
Fortune Telling 95%
Another great psychic predictions website is Purple Garden. They offer both voice and video readings, so you are free to choose your preferred option. Purple Garden has reputable psychics who will provide answers to all your life questions. Some of the best online spirit mediums are on Purple Garden. To be fair, this website is not as popular as the others, but it offers quality readings. Purple Garden is for users on a low budget but who will like to do regular consultations. Due to their low rates, you can afford several sessions a week. But for the price, they offer their most gifted psychics who will do a detailed analysis of your life and future. Purple Garden also offers users a free library containing informational articles to broaden their knowledge about life. Visit Kasamba website >>

Overall Rating

  • Best phone readings
  • In business since 2005
  • Uncountable positive reviews
  • Five complimentary minutes for newbies
  • Filter advisors based on various parameters

Our Ratings

Psychic Reading 94%
Love Readings 95%
Astrology 96%
Tarot 96%
Fortune Telling 97%

This is a psychic predictions website that has been around since 2005 with a track record of dishing out accurate psychic readings to customers. This established platform offers users a free five minutes reading to test run the service before they start paying for it. If your preference is phone psychic reading, this is probably the best option for you. They even allow you to choose your advisor using different selection parameters. AskNow also contains a series of psychic-related content to help you gain clear insight.
There are also orders with medium talents who can communicate with the spirit medium world on your behalf. Suffice to say that some of the most gifted psychics in the world practice on Asknow, and you can access their services via phone or through chats. Unfortunately, they do not offer video or email psychic readings.
Also, note that you only get a first free session after buying their introductory package, but the good news is that the package is available at a discounted rate of only $1 psychic reading. Unlike other websites that may pair you with an inexperienced psychic, Asknow will pair you with masters of the art for even your free psychic sessions.
Visit AskNow website >>

Overall Rating

  • Live video readings
  • Free chat sessions
  • Experts in tarot readings
  • Receive $9.99 on sign-up
  • Choose from a variety of specialties

Our Ratings

Psychic Reading 90%
Love Readings 91%
Astrology 93%
Tarot 93%
Fortune Telling 92%
If AskNow is the best for phone psychic reading, Oranum is the best for legit psychic readings via video. This platform offers users access to face-to-face readings via video chat. Psychics on Oranum offer free video sessions to the public every week. This allows users to evaluate the skill of the psychic. There is also a sign up bonus for first-timers. The only downside we could see with Oranum is that they only offer video readings, not phone, chat, or email readings. For tarot readings, their psychics display the cards boldly on the screen for you to pick and see. For people who don’t feel comfortable revealing their faces to accurate psychics online, Oranum may not be the best. But if you prefer to see the face of the expert you are talking to, then this is your best bet. Visit Oranum website >>

California Psychics

Overall Rating

  • Psychic readings as low as $1/minute
  • Mobile Apps for Google Play and Apple iTunes users
  • Several ways to contact a psychic: Call, Chat, and Call Back
  • A calendar to set a schedule to talk with a psychic

Our Ratings

Psychic Reading 87%
Love Readings 88%
Astrology 84%
Tarot 89%
Fortune Telling 83%

California Psychics has a long history of offering users quality and authentic predictions. This platform has been in existence since 1995. What makes California Psychics tick? For any expert to practice on their website, they undergo a stringent assessment test. Only qualified experts who pass the test are allowed to practice on the website. So you know for a fact that any time you use the platform, you are going to get quality readings.
If you are a first timer when it comes to psychic readings, you may want to try California Psychics. The psychics on the platform will first seek to build a relationship with you to strengthen their connection. And they will not push you to share details you are not comfortable revealing. This is a website we recommend if you plan to take a reading online for the first time.
Moreover, some of the famous psychics on the platform are known in California and appear on radio and online shows. California Psychics have different packages, so you will find a package you can afford.

How Did We Choose?

We chose the best websites based on the following:

Reviews: We read reviews posted by users. Only sites with overly positive customer reviews made it to our list. We used customer reviews as our first parameter because who best evaluates the quality of an online psychics than previous and current users? The good thing about reading customer reviews is that it gives you close to firsthand knowledge of the quality they offer. Hence, all eight websites below have overly positive reviews.

Spiritual Readings: How many types of psychic predictions does the site offer? The more services offered, the better their ranking on the list. Sites included offer several psychic services like spirit readings, tarot reading, horoscope, and astrology psychic reading.

Interface: Is the platform easy to navigate, or is it complicated? Only websites with user-friendly navigation features made our list. During our review, we noticed that certain websites had poor user interfaces. And since we understand that no matter how many authentic psychics a platform boasts, if their website is difficult to use, it would offer little value to the user, we only included websites with the best user interface for smooth site navigation from one page to the next.

Price: Price was another important factor we looked at when making our picks. In the industry, price is not constant but ever changing. But we didn’t choose based on price alone; rather, we looked at the relationship between the price and the quality of service. If their service is not commensurate with the price charged, then they did not make our list. Moreover, we also looked at sites that offer free psychic chat, free pshycic reading or love psychic reading for free so you’re also exposed to affordable psychics.

Life Coach Psychics & Most Gifted Psychics: We do know that the best online psychic reader is one that offers a multi-disciplinary team of pshycics who are experienced, gifted, and make for trusted psychics even in the offline world.

Security: One reason why many avoid online readings is because they fear that intimate information about their lives will be exposed on the internet. To ease your fears, we did a thorough review of their security architecture and chose only websites that have a strong firewall to protect users from breaches and online fraud.

Now that we’ve looked at our criterion, let’s review the best psychic reading websites.


Beginner’s Guide To Choosing A Psychic Reading Website

One common complaint put forth by those seeking psychic readings online is that they have a hard time choosing a suitable website to rely on. With so many sites claiming to be the best website for you, how do you decide which one to go for? Here lies the challenge.

But you don’t have to go through the hard part of sorting through them since we have done that for you. Here is a guide to help you make the right choice.


Decide On Online Or Offline Psychic Reading

Before you even start your selection, you need to decide first whether you want an online or offline psychic reading. Many people prefer to have one-on-one meetings with a psychic to take their reading. The idea is to choose the option you are comfortable with. Both have their benefits with few limitations. A good psychic will perform regardless of whether they are with you or are talking to you on the phone.

Free Trials

When reviewing a psychic reading website, one of the first things to look out for is whether they allow free trials. If you are not allowed to try the platform for free, how will you know that it works as well as claimed? The good news is that reputable psychic reading websites offer users free trials so they can test run the platform.

Mode Of Communication

How do they communicate? Do they communicate via a medium you are comfortable with? This is another thing to take note of. For instance, if you prefer video readings, it makes no sense to subscribe to a service that offers all other forms of reading except video. The best websites offer different modes of communication like email readings, chat readings, phone psychic reading, and videos. Having several options is best since you can alternate different forms, depending on your mood, comfort, and need.

Years Of Experience

One sure way to verify the authenticity of a psychic reading website is to check its years of operation. The best websites, like all the ones reviewed here, have been active for decades, and this is enough proof. As you already know, scam websites don’t last for long before they go down. The world of psychic reading is not covered for long, and if a subscription service is not offering the kind of service they charge clients for, the word often gets out.

Customer Review

What better way to tell if a website is very good than to read what its users are saying? Customer review is perhaps the most effective way to evaluate just how good the website is. With reviews, you get to experience secondhand what it feels like to get your readings from the platform. Reviews also help you make quick decisions, so you don’t waste too much time test running the wrong websites.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Although this doesn’t apply to all websites but some websites have infused his clause into their services. Their desire to satisfy their clients is responsible for this offer, so when you come across any platform with a satisfaction guarantee clause, you can be sure they are all about their business. This guarantee may be a money-back guarantee, a three or five-minute credit once you open an account with them, or any other clause. This information will be displayed on their platform, so feel free to check for it. However, don’t write off a platform that doesn’t offer guarantees.

Reading Options

The best websites offer customers different reading options to broaden their scope. On such platforms, you will find horoscope experts, tarot card readers, love psychics, astrology readers, Chinese, Vedic and Mayan gurus, and mediums. All these experts offer the same service but with different methods. And some methods are best for certain searches more than others.

Moreover, you may feel more comfortable with tarot readings or rune readings. The point we are making is that having several reading options is best than having only a few. And the best platform has many experts from different fields on their panel. The fact that a platform has amassed so many experts is a pointer to its veracity, and that is the kind of platform you should be working with.


Talent is another important indicator to look out for. The best websites have the most gifted psychics; it’s that simple. But how do you tell if they have talented seers? The answer is simple; just read customer reviews or browse through their list of psychics to see their information. The reason why you want to take this seriously is because you want an accurate and authentic reading. Remember that you will be paying for the service after the free trial. So you want to avoid giving your money to the wrong person.

Ease Of Use

You also want to ensure that the platform is easy to use. No matter how talented the psychics on the platform may be, if it doesn’t have smooth navigation features, then there is no point in using it. The best websites have user-friendly features, which are the ones you should be looking out for.


How much does a reading cost? Some websites offer $1 psychic readings and psychic readings for up to $10 or more. Find out how much their subscription fees are and compare that to the quality of services they offer. If the fee is expensive compared to the value offered, you might as well look elsewhere.

Mode Of Payments

Consider using a website that offers users multiple modes of payments in case one method doesn’t work for you. Some of the best platforms accept Cash App, PayPal, bank cheques, and other payment platforms. The good thing about using these types of platforms is because of they offer you options, so you are not limited to only one or a few payment channels.



Are some psychic reading sites fake?

Yes, some websites are fake and only operate to fleece the unsuspecting public. This is why we reviewed eight of the best psychic websites. All of them are authentic, and you will get a service of value.

Which is better: online psychic reading or local psychics?

Neither is better than the other. Online psychics and local psychics are the same. The internet is only a medium for engaging psychics and increasing accessibility. Hence, deciding between online or local psychics is a choice you can make after evaluating their strength and quality of service as well as your own timetable.

Should I go for a paid or free psychic predictions service?

A paid service offers more value than a free service. However, the good news is that most of the top-rated sites offer a free five minutes service to help you test the quality of service before you start paying for it. Furthermore, sites like Keen and Psychic Source will link you with an expert when using your free coupon, so you get quality readings for free the first time you use their site. So while you may enjoy a free service at first, you will definitely pay for it after that first time of use. Also, note that some websites offer loyal customers discounts after crossing a payment threshold which can be used to book a free session.

Are online psychic readings fake?

Yes and no. The truth is that there are a lot of fake websites that fleece unsuspecting users of their money. These fake sites will take your money and either offer you low-quality readings, with vague information, or nothing at all.

How do I find a good website for psychic readings?

For starters, the 8 websites reviewed in this article are the best in the business; However, if, for any reason, you don’t want to use any of them, you may ask friends or people you know who engage in psychic reading to recommend a site. Note that psychics use different divination methods, so you need to pick one that will suit your needs. You may also read customer reviews online to make your choice. The best websites are rated highly by users and are not hard to spot.

What can I gain from a psychic reading?

Essentially, you gain deep insight into your life and why you are the way you are. Questions about your future and the current state that cannot be answered using scientific analysis will be answered by an experienced psychic. You may choose to search for answers regarding your love life, career, marriage, or reasons for recurrent setbacks and difficulties. A psychic reading can expose you to deep answers you wouldn’t have discovered on your own.



Online psychic readings have made it easier for people to engage psychics without the need to take trips to see them one on one. From the comfort of your home, office, car, or any quiet environment, you can enjoy psychic readings thanks to the internet. All the websites reviewed in this article are quality websites, so rest assured that should you use any of them, you will definitely enjoy the expert services of qualified and experienced psychics.