Purple Garden – What To Know About This Psychic Reading Website

Do you have several queries about your love life, relationships, and other aspects of your life? Clearly, you like to know what your future holds for you. At times, you cannot find the right direction in your life. You are not alone, as I also have these feelings. Finally, everything is solved when I have approached a psychic reader. However, which psychic reader should you choose? While browsing Google, I landed on Purple Garden. The online live chat readings have benefitted me.


Let me talk more about the psychic reading website- Purple Garden.

About Purple Garden

Purple Garden is an online platform where you can encounter the best spiritual advisors, numerologists, and several other psychic readers. However, this Purple Garden is the sister site of Bitwine Psychics and Purple Ocean. The mobile-friendly site is highly enjoyable and lets your browser through the list of psychics easily. Purple Garden enables you to connect to the psychics via live chat and video readings.

How to use Purple Garden

As a first-time visitor, you like to know the way to sign up with the website and use it. The mobile-friendly platform is easy to use for every user. What you need is to provide an email address with a strong password. Create your account and enter the dashboard to hire psychics.

While using the desktop version, you will find that the live chat option is easily accessible. But, you need to use the app for video reading and phone-based based reading. Browsing different psychic reading categories is easier on your smartphone. That is why Purple Reader is different from other similar websites.

You can interact with the reader for 5 to 60 minutes. The price rate will vary with the duration of your readings. You might have paid more than the minutes you had chosen. The rest of the amount you have saved will be credited back to your account. One of the best features is that you can adjust notifications from settings. When your chosen psychic is online, you will receive notifications.

To learn about every reader, you have to click on his/her profile. You will find relevant information about the reader. It will enable you to make the right decision. The ratings, the year of joining the site, and other information will be highly valuable to you.

Features of Purple Garden

I have listed the most notable features of Purple Garden.


User-friendly and clean interface


Purple Garden has provided you with an intuitive interface. You will not need much time to find your psychic reader and take advantage of his reading ability.


Easy to pay


You may use your Android or Apple account for the ‘top up’ funds. After authorizing the money transfer process, you can hire a psychic. You may also chat online and talk via video calling.


A network of several psychics


Purple Garden is a vast platform of several psychic readers. You can check the photos and other profile details of every reader.


Multiple connectivity options


You can communicate with psychic readers in 3 ways- live chat, video chat, and phone call. There are secure channels ensuring discretion and privacy. You can use your mobile or computer for reading.


Strict screening process


Psychics who like to earn from the platform should download the Purple Ocean app. They have to submit their personal details to create their profiles. Moreover, they should make an introductory video and provide their service details. Most importantly, they must submit sample video call readings. Purple Garden has a team to review the videos, and it will then notify the potential reader about the selection. It thoroughly checks the reader’s credentials before hiring him.




It is one of the unique features of the Purple Garden’s platform. By clicking on this feature, you will find an option for choosing different topics like breakups, infidelity, soulmates, relationships, careers, and uneasy feelings.

Types of readings available on Purple Garden

At Purple Garden, professional psychics provide you with a range of readings. You can go to the Main menu and select categories. You can easily find the psychics based on the given categories.


Tarot Readings


Tarot readers have gained the trust of several customers using Purple Garden. They ensure accuracy in their readings and give detail about your life. They have the innate abilities to bring the vision to life. The special sense of timing has made Tarot readers unique.


Relationship readings


Love psychics deal with relationship issues, though some of them work as love therapists. You can also hire a love psychic to find the dream partner in your life.


Psychic reading


Some readers have psychic abilities to read your future. They can also hear, sense, and detect important information related to your life. They identify the energy surrounding you. I have hired one of the high-rated psychic readers from Purple Garden. During the first session, the reader accurately answered different questions about myself.


Palm readings


Purple Garden has a team of palm readers, providing services in a different way. Most of them provide you with video-based reading services. They need to see your palms and read them thoroughly. You can hire a palm reader to know what awaits in your life. However, it is important that you always play an important role in manifesting the desired reality.


Horoscopes and astrology


Astrological readings can provide you with a detailed map of what will happen in your life. So, you can engage an astrologer who will interpret your life map. Furthermore, you will identify the challenges in your life path. Purple Garden has a team of highly skilled astrologers to solve your queries about the future.


Oracle Guidance


You can find oracle card readers on very few sites, and luckily, Purple Garden is one of them. Using the oracle cards, the reader will convey an easily understandable message. Angle card readers can also interpret these cards. Moreover, some readers rely on crystal balls and Runes as their tools.


Angel card reading


Angle card readers can provide you with guidance on how to move through the life path. An angel reading is highly beneficial for those who are healing and grieving for some reasons.


Dream interpretation


Our dreams reflect our psyche, and thus, it is important to analyze our dreams. Dream analysts will tell you about your unconscious mind. In some cases, the dream encourages healing, manages fears, and alerts you to do something. If you like to give importance to your dreams, you can hire dream analysts.


I think that the price rate is the major issue with Purple Garden. Psychic readers charge a slightly higher rate for their reading services. They have set their own charges. However, you will find promo codes to reduce the rates. These rates range from $0.99 to $14.99 per minute. However, I have been charged $3.99 for a psychic reading. In the case of video calls, the rate maybe $9.99.


The best fact is that Purple Garden will credit you with $10. After spending this amount, you will automatically become a member of the cashback program. There is 5% cashback on different purchases. But, the cashback offer will be valid for six months.


There are multiple payment modes like Debit Card, PayPal, MasterCard, and Discover.


Another interesting fact is that the company has set a refund policy for its customers. Purple Garden always tries to respond to its customers at the right time. In most cases, its team has answered queries within a single business day. But, some customers claim there is no guarantee of issuing a refund.


Are Purple Garden readers accurate?


As there are verified and qualified readers, the accuracy of readings will not be a problem. Surely, every reader has unique abilities and different levels of skills. So, you will also find a difference in their reading accuracy. However, I have hired a psychic reader who has provided satisfactory guidance.


Is Purple Garden worth it?


Purple Garden has tried to make its platform different from other psychic reading websites. You will find the readers categorized according to reviews. While having a visit to the site, you will find the profiles of several readers who have received higher ratings from the readers. But, one of the cons of the site is that it does not offer any free trial. You can communicate with readers through different modes like voice calls, video calls, and live chat. However, most of psychics accept live chat readings.


Purple Garden is a desktop platform and mobile app focusing on the delivery of psychic readings. One of the best facts is that you will easily be able to access the network of the best psychics. You can choose from live sessions and recorded psychic readings. The charge is on a per-minute basis, and thus, it will be different for every customer. Moreover, the cashback offer is very interesting, as it is available on every purchase. However, one demerit of the site is that it does not provide a satisfaction guarantee to customers buying psychic reading services.